What They Say · 19.01.14

“Her stage presentation is quite frankly riveting and the quality of her singing voice undeniably compelling.”

Lionel Rault , Radio Host, CKUA

“…she conjures up complex emotional terrain — with moods of tender reflection, sadness and infectious joy — as she taps into deeper and deeper layers of truth… She isn’t the first person to find insights into the universal experiences of relationships, family or motherhood, but House manages to do so with a voice and lyrical touch that revels in unbridled honesty at a pitch that’s hard to ignore.”

Roger Levesque, The Edmonton Journal

“With the ease and pureness of a songbird, Andrea House engages audiences with her original songs. Her charm, honesty, and humbleness are simply heart-warming, and her truly amazing vocals will leave you in awe.”

Doug Ritchie, Radio Host, CJSR FM 88.5

“Ocean,” the opening tune of Andrea House’s CD “The Same Inside,” is a laid-back piano ballad in the spirit of Norah Jones’s “Come Away With Me.” But as the pedal steel bubbles up on “Marrying Kind,” followed by a delicate rendering of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust,” it becomes clear that House is looking a little further back for inspiration, to Jones’s hero Willie Nelson, who wove jazz and country seamlessly…”

Nick Zaino, The Boston Globe

“House sings from all manner of directions – ’40s and ’50s crooners, country, folk – the backbone of a good singer-songwriter.”

Fish Griwkowsky, The Edmonton Sun, September 19, 2008

“There is such a yearning in her lyrics, such a strong desire to connect with the rest of humanity, but there is also humour and humility that keep her songs from straying into a too sentimental realm. A recurring and fitting adjective in reviews is “honest.”

Carolyn Nikodym, Vue Weekly, Edmonton

“When you listen to Andrea House’s second album “The Same Inside”, it’s like hearing an old friend’s voice: it’s comforting, warm and always honest. Her melodies and lyrics instantly make you feel like you are at home. Without a doubt there is, inside the singer, the same as what is inside this album: a big ol’ heart. “

Kevin Sweet, CBC\Radio-Canada

“I have had the pleasure of hearing her sing in English and in French, and I have been witness to the dedication she brings towards her art. She is incredibly gifted…”

Francois Pageau, Chef des Émissions, Radio-Canada, Edmonton

“Andrea’s voice is delicate, rich and beautiful. It’s like a lover’s whisper that lures you in and then slowly, carefully breaks your heart; it is a voice that haunts you for days. Andrea’s songs are a soul laid bare without false bravado or self-pity and her performances woo and captivate audiences every time.”

Sue Huff, Actor/Playwright

“Andrea’s voice is liquid wonder—from straight dark rum to pink sangria. Her poetry connects to the deeper currents of everyday mystery. Her music mediates dark nights to visceral human delight. Andrea—on stage a channeler of colour, in song the soul of flow.”

Steve Berg, Author at www.growmercy.org

“Through the years, as a radio host assigned to the artistic beat, I have come to follow Andrea’s career and can bear witness to the dedication she gives to her art. On stage she has an engaging presence and is a personable and warm performer with depth and emotion.”

Eve Marie Forcier, Animatrice, Radio-Canada, Edmonton