Upcoming Shows 2014 · 26.01.14

Feb 14-16 Forget Me Not at Fort Edmonton Park – We are delighted that we have been asked to do FMN again. This is a show that is very dear to my heart. Here is an excerpt from the press release.

From a collection of secret stolen postcards comes a true story that begins with two lovers caught up in the turmoil of World War One.

At the age of 16, songwriter Andrea House finds a mystery in a stack of old postcards hidden in her grandparent’s house. They were love letters, addressed to her Grandfather, Forest House, from a beautiful French woman named Denise. In France to fight a war, but finding amour instead, Forest starts a love affair that will haunt him the rest of his life. From the war’s horrors and romantic fantasy, Forest is thrust back into the reality of his North American rural roots where he continues to dream of a lost love…

His wife of 40 years, Margaret House, is shocked when Forest has a stroke and begins calling her “Denise”. Although she is heartbroken to be thought of as a woman from Forest’s past, she continues to love and care for him through their final days together.

Featuring singer/songwriter Andrea House, guitarist Chris Smith, pianist Eric Mortimer, pedal steel player Bob Blair, and Edmonton Symphony member Scott Whetham, this evening of music and story telling is the perfect Valentine’s Day event. Step into the remarkable Capitol Theatre at Fort Edmonton Park, for a chance to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of 1917; and hear a story that reminds each of us what it really means to love.

For tickets and packages click here.


A quick snapshot of 2013 · 26.01.14

So many nice musicians, so little time…

Feb 6, 2013 – Jack Singer Hall – Musicians Care for Kids – There are some very wonderful producers in Calgary (Jeff Perry Productions and Annerin…) that work very hard each year to raise money for local charities like the Boys and Girls Club. What a great night this was, sharing the stage with Russell Broom, Romi Mayes, Del Barber, David Gogo and Gordie Johnson. I absolutely loved watching these performers share their amazing songs and I felt honoured to be a part of such an important fundraiser.

April 19-20, 2013 – The Club at the Citadel Theatre – This was an evening of classic songs from the American Songbook, mixed in with my own tunes. In my vain attempt to pose like Sarah Vaughn, I did my best to throw it down old school. With bluegrass great, Marc Ladouceur, our dear friend Bob Blair on pedal steel and Scott Whetham of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, we blew the lid off the club. Two sold out nights, directed by Davina Stewart. It was a great pleasure to be surrounded by such great musicians, sound techs and crew. I loved this one. Check out the Citadel Theatre.

Summer, 2013 – The summer was busy with everything from house concerts to playing at such wonderful festivals as the St. Albert International Children’s Festival and the Edmonton International Street Festival. I am lucky that I get a chance occasionally to sing for children, make crazy puppets, or play games with people under 4 feet tall. They are the best audience, because they tell you when you are boring. I am ok with that!

After that, I got to be an actor in a play called The Frozen Water Fortunes. I loved acting with Lora Brovold, Coralie Cairns, David Ley, and Tim Dowler Coltman. Written by David Belke and directed by my mentor, James De Felice, I loved getting a chance to pretend to be from Manchester, England. I watched over 50 episodes of Coronation Street to prepare. Now I am fully addicted to Coronation Street…

Last Saturday of Every Month – Oh Susanna – I’m was lifer in the band on this live variety show and it’s where I almost always tried a new song for the very first time. Like NHL players, we knew it was time to retire. I have lost count of how many of these we did, but I think I was part of Oh Susanna for about 1000 years.

Hosted by one of my dearest friends, Mark Meer as Susanna Patchouli, we laughed, we cried, and drank too much. Time on stage with Mark, and all the other actors and musicians… well, the memories from this show make up the majority of my memories of performing. I can’t remember when we didn’t do this gig. If I start naming names, like Stewart Lemoine, Jeff Haslam, Davina Stewart, Leona Brausen as Your Mom… Ok, I started naming names. I might have to say names like Brad Fisher, Belinda Cornish, Dana Andersen, Trevor Anderson, Ron Pederson, Chris Craddock, Jacob Bannigan, Roger Schultz and Paul Morgan Donald and so many other people that either were on the show for years or guested whenever they were in town. Then there are the new folks, like Drew, and Matt, Shannon, Jenny and all these young geniuses. I actually can’t name all the people I adore from the this excerpt of my life. I give up. Alas, I am sort of sad we retired, but sort of excited that all of us older folks have all bought condos and gained weight. To check out what everyone is up to now at the theatre.www.varscona.com


Musical highlights from 2012 · 26.01.14

A joyous 2012

Last Saturday of Every Month – Oh Susanna – We ate sandwiches on stage… We drank a lot of alcohol this year. Good people attended. Blessings, really. www.varscona.com

March 21 and 22, 2012 – Hadestown: A Folk Opera – Anais Mitchell’s critically-adored folk opera Hadestown is based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Set in Depression-era America, this classic story tells the tale of lovers torn apart not by death, but by the desire to escape poverty by moving to Hadestown, an underground gold-mining community overseen by the merciless Mr. Hades.

The Folk world’s answer to The Who’s Tommy, this Arden Original showcased Anais and her seven-piece band along with a cast of guest performers including; John Rutherford, Stephen Tchir, Charlotte Cornfield, Kris Demeanor, Andrea House, Kaley Bird and Rebecca Anderson. At the Arden Theatre, St. Albert. Tickets at Ticketmaster or www.ardentheatre.com

June 10, 2012 – Blind Boys of Alabama – opener – Now who would of thought this call would come! What an immense honour it was to open for these fine legends at the Winspear Centre. They were gracious and kind gentlemen. They couldn’t have been nicer to me. Watching them play was an enormous gift to my ears, my heart and my soul. Many thanks to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival for the opportunity to play for such a welcoming audience. This is a show I replay in my mind…often.

August 9 – 12, 2012 – Edmonton Folk Music Festival – I played this festival way back in 2004 and it was so wonderful that I thought I had died and gone to music heaven. The second time up to bat was just as amazing. Linda Tillery, David Bromberg, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Rose Cousins… and my highlight – a shoutout of praise and love from Ricky Skaggs. More importantly though, I will always remember our friend who passed away… All roads lead back to Don Snider. May you rest in peace, angel. www.edmontonfolkfest.org


Remembering 2011 · 26.01.14

Here are a few things we did in 2011

December 31, 2011 – Varscona New Year’s Eve! – Hosted by Davina Stewart. The actors and singers that perform there are the most talented in the world. I always feel like standing on that stage is where I sound the best – it’s like singing in the shower, only with 200 people in it.

October 22, 2011 – The Don Show – I don’t have words for how wonderful this event was at the Winspear was for Don Snider.

October 17 – 20, 2011 – Comedy Cares – The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival curates a series of performances several times a year for hospitals and elder care facilities. It’s a privilege to perform with them. For this series I convinced Dana to join me in wearing matching 60’s outfits, blond wigs and belt out Beatles tunes. Highlights? Alberta Hospital: watching them kick over chairs to make room for dancing, and the Kipnes Centre for Veterans, where a 92 man named gave me a kiss and then invited me back to his room for… tea. Please consider supporting Comedy Cares. This program is the best of its kind. www.edmontonstreetfest.com

October 15, 2011 – Winterlight Launch! – Winterlight is a magical multi-event festival that puts on massive artistic all winter long in Edmonton. We were the band that night, surrounded by friends clinking glasses, and twinkling lights. Thanks to Cam Neufeld for some stellar fiddling! Your jaw will drop when you see what they do at Winterlight so do check them out. www.winterlight.ca

May 9th, 2011 – Benefit for Japan – I played a set with the lovely Dana Wylie before “Booming Tree” taiko drumming blew the roof off the place. Also a hightlight was Pulse, with Dave Clarke, Twilla MacLeod and Martin on the skeleton cello. Congratulations to Twilla who raised a lot of money for victims of the tsunami. Check out the Booming Tree website: www.facebook.com/boomingtree, Dana Wylie’s website www.danawylie.net and Pulse – many videos on youtube.

May 26, 2011 – One Night Only – Calgary, Alberta. Forget Me Not. Sold out, and many wonderful new friends made. They showed us so much love. Thank you for that!

April 30th, 2011 – Oh Susanna! Edmonton, Alberta. Varscona Theatre 10PM. Mark Meer is the funniest comedian in all of Canada. www.varsconatheatre.com


A glance back at 2007 - 2010 · 26.01.14

Some of the fun things we did way back when

December 31, 2010 – A 2 Gig Night! – We started off the evening at McDougall United Church for an amazing lineup including “Back Porch Swing” and Bill Bourne. Then Dana Wylie and I raced over the Somerville Café, where we changed into swanky black dresses by the shrimp cooler and headed out to sing an evening of jazz standards. We were matched up with players I am sure we didn’t deserve to be performing with, but gosh it’s nice to sing those songs! Highlight: famous vocalist and owner, Sheri Somerville, laying down a tune just before midnight. Check out Somerville’s for fancy drinkin’! www.somervillewine.ca

December 11 and 18, 2010 – Held Upon the Earth – Steve Berg is a stunning Edmonton writer whose view of life on the streets is both heartbreaking and heart-mending at the same time. This evening of music and readings from Steve’s collection, starred actors Coralie Cairns and John Sproule (while we added in some musical thoughts). Visit Steve’s blog when you’re having a horrible day – his writings repair the soul. www.growmercy.org

October 24, 2010 – Litfest – Chris and I always play at this wonderful breakfast during Litfest. Every year, Canadian literary heroes get together and share their work. It’s like being back stage at a U2 concert, if Bono was, say, Alice Major. Seriously buy a ticket and go to this. (Happens every Oct in Edmonton). www.litfest.org

August 12 – 22, 2010 – Edmonton Fringe Festival – We did a musical called “Forget Me Not”, which told the story of my grandfather during the first world war. Directed by Davina Stewart, it received 5 Stars from the Edmonton Journal, was held over and nominated for and Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for “Best Fringe Production”. Starring myself, Chris Smith, Dana Wylie, Bob Blair and Scott Whetham of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, it was one of the most moving musical experiences of my life. I wish I could do that gig everyday. www.fringetheatreadventures.ca

July 22, 2010SOS Music Festival. Kaley Bird, producer extraordinaire, hosted us in the sanctuary of a very pretty church. It started up with the fabulous Terry Morrison and ended with the ever-lovely Anne Vriend.

July 8-18, 2010 – Edmonton International Street Performers Festival – Chris and I performed for kids in a math musical we wrote called “2 and 5”. I played the number 5, a little girl who secretly wants to be number 1. Chris played the number 2, a little boy who only wanted one thing – to get to the number 3. I’m not sure if I should admit that our kid’s musical was just about the most successful musical endeavor of our lives… Move over, Wiggles! www.edmontonstreetfest.com

Friday, March 5th, 2010 – Full Moon Folk Club – Opening up for Katy Moffat with Andy Hardin. http://www.fmfc.org/. We had always wanted to play the Full Moon Folk Club, and it was just as wonderful as we thought it would be. Check out their website for the list of upcoming shows. www.fmfc.ca

Friday, Feb 12, 2010 – Uptown Folk Club – Winterfest. We had a great time playing with Jessica Heine, opening up the evening for The Deep Dark Woods and the Swiftys. Great show!

Saturday, Feb 13, 2010 – Oh Susanna. We love playing this monthly variety show at the Varscona Theatre. Chris and I played the Everly Brother’s Favourite, “Dream”, and Chris’ beautiful guitar playing pretty near stopped the darn show… Glad I married that guy! www.varsconatheatre.com

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010 – Amy Van Keeken’s 70’s Rock and Roll Sing-a-long. With Colleen Brown and Amy of the Secretaries. Oh my lord, I woke up the next morning hung over and I didn’t even drink… Check out the Secretaries – oh so sexy, these girls.

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010 – Olympic Torch Relay – Chris played a great, but cold couple of sets of music with Le Fuzz along the torch route on the south side of town. I was lucky enough to be hired by the City to entertain downtown. So there I was, dressed as an olympic skater, asking folks olympic trivia while people waited to see the torch. When the torch went by, I cried.
Here is a list of some of the places we played in 2007, 2008, and 2009. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it will give you an idea of some of the places we were lucky enough to play. And boy, do we love to play music!

2009 Tour Info

January 8th – Winterlight. It’s outdoor and indoor, it’s wintery goodness, and artfilled bonfire fun all over Edmonton. For a full schedule of the big shindig, check out: http://www.winterlight.ca. This Thursday, January 8th Winterlight kicks off; starting in Churchill Square Downtown Edmonton at 6:00. Andrea House and Le Fuzz are apart of the programming taking place all over the square. Bring your toques, mitts, hot chocolate mug, and your happy dancing outside pants.

February 14th – Forget-Me-Not: A World War I Valentine Day’s Concert, Andrea House with Chris Andrew, Muttart Hall, Alberta College, 10050 MacDonald Dr, Edmonton. Tix available at Tix on the Square, Acoustic Music Shop, Blackbyrd, Megatunes and at the door.

Friday March 20 – Brite Beginnings Fundraiser, An evening of Music and Magic in Support of Brite Beginnings Early Learning and Childcare Centre’s Summer Program. Music by Andrea House and Chris Smith. Magic by Brian Lehr. This is a kid and family friendly event! Blue Quill Community Centre, South Edmonton. Doors at 6:00, Show 6:30 – 8:10. Adults $15, Children $5. Tickets available at Brite Beginnings 780-437-4082 or britebeginnings@telus.net

April 18th – Private Concert, Edmonton.

May 25th – Ironwood Grill and Stage, Calgary. Details TBA.

November 14 Gordon Lightfoot Tribute. Now that was a fun show! Marv Manchura is a sweetheart!

2008 Touring Info:

February 1, 2008 @ Jefferey’s Cafe and Wine Bar, 9640 142 st Edmonton Alberta, Phone: 451-8890 for reservations. Seating is limited, tix $10. www.jeffreyscafe.com

April 8, 2008 @ The Alberta Museum Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta. With Alegria Trio, Karla Anderson, Bill Werthmann, and Rachelle van Zanten an awareness raiser for www.8minutesofpeace.com Check out their website for more info.

April 10, 2008 @ The Ironwood, Calgary, Alberta. An opening set for Ann Vriend’s CD release party! 1429- 9th Ave SE, $15 or $25 with Ann’s new CD. 403 269 5581.

April 26, 2008 @ Camrose, Alberta. Presented by the Rose City Roots Music Society at Scalliwag’s pub 4919-47st. Camrose, AB. Show starts at 8:30.

May 1, 2008 @ Hulbert’s, Edmonton, Alberta. 7601-115 street. A Thursday night Concert $15/ tix www.hulberts.ca Seating is limited. Check out their website for more info.

May 10, 2008 @ Theatre de la Cite Francophone 8627 – 91 st. Edmonton, Alberta. Opening for Le Fuzz and Firefly Theatre. 8pm, tix: $20, kids under 12 Free.

May 17, 2008 @ The Haven Social Club, Edmonton, Alberta. 15120A-Stony Plain Rd, with Nathan Carroll, Brock Tyler and Craig Schram. $15 tix tickets available at Blackbyrd, Acoustic Music shop and tix on the square.

May 29, 2008 @ Fort McMurray, Alberta. As part of the Comedy Cares series. Details TBA.

June 6, 2008 @ Change for Children Benefit Concert w/ Le Fuzz and guests. More Details TBA.

July 2, 2008 @ Festival Place, 100 Festival Way, Shewood Park, Alberta. As part of their patio series, this is, weather permitting, an outdoor event. We’ll be sharing the evening with James Murdock. For more info check out http://www.festivalplace.ab.ca

Sept 25 Edmonton AB, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 10037-84 Avenue. Tix available at Tix on the Square and The Acoustic Music Shop.

Sept 26 Camrose AB, Scalliwag’s Pub, 9pm. More Details TBA.

Sept 27 Calgary AB, The Ironwood Stage and Grill w/ Jay Semko, 1429, 9th Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta – 403-269-5581, tix $20

Oct 8 Cambridge MA, All Asia Bar, 332 Massachusetts Ave, 617 417-1544, www.allasiabar.com

Oct 9 Northampton MA, The Sierra Grill, 41 Strong (413) 584-1150 w/ Aric Bieganek, www.sierragrille.net

Oct 10 New York City NY, Rockwood Music Hall, 184 Allen St # 198, (212) 477-4155. www.rockwoodmusichall.com

Oct 11 Bryn Mawr, PA, MilkBoy Acoustic Cafe, 824 West Lancaster Avenue, (610) 527-0690. www.milkboycoffee.com

Oct 13 Toronto ON, Mitzi’s Sister, 1554 Queen Street West, 416-532-2570. www.mitzissister.com

Oct 15 Winnipeg MB, Mondragon, 91a Albert St., in the Exchange ph: 204.946.5241 www.mondragon.ca – SPIRITED ANARCHY.

Oct 16 Saskatoon SK, Lydia’s Pub, 650 BROADWAY AVENUE, (306) 652-8595. www.lydiaspub.com

Oct 17 Edmonton AB, Western Canadian Music Awards, Axis Cafe 10349 Jasper Avenue, 780.990.0031. www.axiscafe.ca

Nov 22 Edmonton AB, A tribute to Gordon Lightfoot, The Haven Social Club, 15120 Stony Plain Rd. Doors at 8 Music at 9, Tix $18 in advance and $20 at the door, available at TIX on the square and The Haven. Brought to you by Red Poppy Productions. For more info see www.marvmachura.com

Nov 28 Edmonton AB, House Concert, Tix and more information are available to the public by contacting ericvw@interbaun.com

2007 Touring Info:

May 17 @ Blue Chair Café 9624-76 Ave Edmonton, Alberta.780-989-2861 www.bluechair.ca

June 2 @ The Jaywalkers Jaboree, Camrose, Alberta. 4PM

July 20 @ Axis Cafe, Edmonton, Alberta. 10349 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5T 1Y5 | 780.990.0031 (tickets $10)

August 16 @ The Boat House, Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario, 9:30 details TBA

August 17 @ The Yellow Sofa, 24 Main Street, Northampton, MA

August 18 @ The Quays, 46-02 30th Ave., Astoria NY, details TBA

August 19 @ MilkBoy Acoustic Cafe, 824 West Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, Tel : ( 610 ) 527-069
Website: www.milkboycoffee.com

August 20 @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC. 196 Allen Street, New York City, 212.477.4155

August 22 @ The Cutting Room, 19 West 24th Street, New York, NY.

August 23 @ Mitzi’s Sister, 1554 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON, Canada. w/ Romney Getty and the Ethers.

October 6 @ Cochrane Alliance Church, 902 Glenbow Drive, Cochrane, Alberta. $20 – Available at Cochrane Coffee Traders and Phantoms Music. www.cochranefolkclub.com

October 7 @ The Ironwood, Calgary, Alberta. 1429- 9th Ave SE, $9 cover charge. 403 269 5581.

October 13 @ Queen Alexandra Community Hall, 10425 University Ave – Northern Lights Folk Club, Edmonton, w/ Ken Hamm, for more details see www.northernlightsfc.ca

November 4 @ Trans Alta Arts Barns 2 – 7 PM, HomeFest, for a full schedule and important homelessness info visit: www.homefest.ca

December 31, New Years Eve, 2007 @ The CBC Stage – Edmonton. Details TBA.

Previous Appearances:

Edmonton Folk Music Festival – Edmonton, AB
Nelson Buskers Festival – Nelson, BC
Hamilton Buskers Festival – Hamilton, ON
Edmonton International Street Performers Festival – Edmonton, AB
Singapore Buskers Festival, Singapore
North Country Fair – Joussard, AB
Northern Lights Folk Club – Edmonton, AB
Uptown Folk Club – Edmonton, AB
Bonnie Doon Folk Club – Edmonton, AB
Alberta Folk Roots Society – Edmonton, AB
Sidetrack Cafe – Edmonton, AB
The Druid – Edmonton, AB
The Black Dog – Edmonton, AB
Mondragon Cafe – Winnipeg, MB
Ship and Anchor – Calgary, AB