A quick snapshot of 2013 · 26.01.14

So many nice musicians, so little time…

Feb 6, 2013 – Jack Singer Hall – Musicians Care for Kids – There are some very wonderful producers in Calgary (Jeff Perry Productions and Annerin…) that work very hard each year to raise money for local charities like the Boys and Girls Club. What a great night this was, sharing the stage with Russell Broom, Romi Mayes, Del Barber, David Gogo and Gordie Johnson. I absolutely loved watching these performers share their amazing songs and I felt honoured to be a part of such an important fundraiser.

April 19-20, 2013 – The Club at the Citadel Theatre – This was an evening of classic songs from the American Songbook, mixed in with my own tunes. In my vain attempt to pose like Sarah Vaughn, I did my best to throw it down old school. With bluegrass great, Marc Ladouceur, our dear friend Bob Blair on pedal steel and Scott Whetham of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, we blew the lid off the club. Two sold out nights, directed by Davina Stewart. It was a great pleasure to be surrounded by such great musicians, sound techs and crew. I loved this one. Check out the Citadel Theatre.

Summer, 2013 – The summer was busy with everything from house concerts to playing at such wonderful festivals as the St. Albert International Children’s Festival and the Edmonton International Street Festival. I am lucky that I get a chance occasionally to sing for children, make crazy puppets, or play games with people under 4 feet tall. They are the best audience, because they tell you when you are boring. I am ok with that!

After that, I got to be an actor in a play called The Frozen Water Fortunes. I loved acting with Lora Brovold, Coralie Cairns, David Ley, and Tim Dowler Coltman. Written by David Belke and directed by my mentor, James De Felice, I loved getting a chance to pretend to be from Manchester, England. I watched over 50 episodes of Coronation Street to prepare. Now I am fully addicted to Coronation Street…

Last Saturday of Every Month – Oh Susanna – I’m was lifer in the band on this live variety show and it’s where I almost always tried a new song for the very first time. Like NHL players, we knew it was time to retire. I have lost count of how many of these we did, but I think I was part of Oh Susanna for about 1000 years.

Hosted by one of my dearest friends, Mark Meer as Susanna Patchouli, we laughed, we cried, and drank too much. Time on stage with Mark, and all the other actors and musicians… well, the memories from this show make up the majority of my memories of performing. I can’t remember when we didn’t do this gig. If I start naming names, like Stewart Lemoine, Jeff Haslam, Davina Stewart, Leona Brausen as Your Mom… Ok, I started naming names. I might have to say names like Brad Fisher, Belinda Cornish, Dana Andersen, Trevor Anderson, Ron Pederson, Chris Craddock, Jacob Bannigan, Roger Schultz and Paul Morgan Donald and so many other people that either were on the show for years or guested whenever they were in town. Then there are the new folks, like Drew, and Matt, Shannon, Jenny and all these young geniuses. I actually can’t name all the people I adore from the this excerpt of my life. I give up. Alas, I am sort of sad we retired, but sort of excited that all of us older folks have all bought condos and gained weight. To check out what everyone is up to now at the theatre.www.varscona.com