Forget Me Not

From a collection of secret stolen postcards comes a true story that begins with two lovers caught up in the turmoil of World War One. 


At the age of 16, songwriter Andrea House finds a mystery in a stack of old postcards hidden in her grandparent’s house. They were love letters, addressed to her Grandfather, Forest House, from a beautiful French woman named Denise. In France to fight a war, but finding her instead, Forest starts a love affair that will haunt him the rest of his life.  From the war’s horrors and romantic fantasy, Forest is thrust back into the reality of his North American rural roots where he continues to dream of a lost love…


His wife of 40 years, Margaret House, is shocked when Forest has a stroke and begins calling her “Denise”. Although she is heartbroken to be thought of as a woman from Forest’s past, she continues to love and care for him through their final days together.


“Youthful love is demented and perfect.  True love is much less demented, and much less perfect."


Featuring Edmonton's favourite songbird Andrea House (voice/guitar), Erik Mortimer (piano), Bob Blair (pedal steel), and Scott Whetham (euphonium) of the Edmonton Symphony, this evening of music and story-telling brings a true Canadian story home to Paris, for a chance to finally reunite the storyteller with her story, and remind each of us what it really means to love.

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