Song of the Martaingale

When an ordinary fight between Roy and Ida leads to a life-changing moment, Roy finds himself faced with the choice to stay or leave Rocky Mountain House forever. Thrust into an unlikely partnership with his father-in-law, Roy discovers that life is just like a game of cards: when you are down, you have to take a risk to win.


From the creators of the hit shows "Forget Me Not" and "Valentine's Train", this new radio-style musical adventure is set in the 1950's and features a live five-piece band playing such hits as "Georgia On My Mind" and "Only You".


Directed by Davina Stewart


Starring: Andrea House, Dana Andersen, Darrin Hagen, Bob Rasko, Francie Goodwin-Davies, Etta House, Marc Ladouceur, Erik Mortimer, Bob Blair, Chris Smith and Chris Bzerzicki. Stage Management by Monique Methot.

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